Hydrogen and oxygen together form the water molecule. Any other form of liquid with additional components are broken down and cleared away by the liver.Water containing nothing but hydrogen and oxygen is pure and this is the only kind of water which the blood and the lymph use in their work. Both the blood and the lymph require pure water to assist them in their functions.

Distilled Water is the purest water you can have.

Whatever mineral and chemical elements were present in the water when it first, reaches the liver, are segregated by the anatomizing processes in the liver and either passed on into the blood stream or stored away as reserve material. The liver has no selective ability to determine whether any item which comes to it is “alive “or inactive, whether it is constructive or detrimental. Natural water, by which we will classify all waters that from springs, wells, rivers and lakes and from the faucet is replete with mineral elements which it has collected from being in contact with earth, soil and rocks. All the minerals in the human body – and the body is composed of minerals – are the same as the minerals of which the earth is composed. There is a vast difference between the minerals in the human body and those in the earth, not in kind or quality, but in the vitality of those which compose the human anatomy, vitality – or life – which is lacking in the earth minerals. The body is composed of tiny microscopic cells made up of mineral atoms. The kind, quality and variety of the mineral elements vary with each group of cells, in accordance with the functions activities called for to carry on the cell’s allotted tasks.

Your cells need food they can swallow – without choking to death!

These cells MUST be furnished the mineral nourishment they need, in order to accomplish their work. Minerals which a cell or a group of cells cannot use will only interfere with the cells function. Minerals larger than those of in colloidal size particles would, figuratively speaking, choke the cells to death! The minerals in NATURAL WATERS are gross and lifeless and of a kind and quality which are incompatible with the cells’ needs. The cells therefore reject them. In due course this rejection leaves a surprising accumulation of discarded minerals in our body.

Distilled Water leaches out ONLY unusable lime, etc.

Distilled water has an inherent ability to work much like that of a magnet. It can pick up these rejected and discarded minerals, and with the assistance of the blood and lymphatic stream, transport them to the kidneys for elimination from the system. It is this kind of mineral elimination that is erroneously referred to as leaching. The expression that Distilled Water leaches minerals from the body is entirely inaccurate. It does not leach minerals out of the body, it collects and removes minerals which have been rejected by the cells of the body and are therefore debris, obstructing the normal functions of the system. As a matter of fact, try -drinking nothing but Distilled Water for two or three weeks. Have a urinalysis made before you start and see if you will not be astonished at the mineral sediments in the urine after a mere three weeks! There is no substitute for experience. The accumulation of minerals in the body from drinking Natural Waters, and the elimination of rejected minerals as a result of drinking Distilled Water is conclusive evidence of the use and value of Distilled Water for drinking and for food preparation purposes.

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