What is in Your Water?

USA Today exposes America’s Dirty Little Secret
—Each and every year, more than 860 billion gallons of raw and partially treated sewage is dumped into America’s waters and most people don’t even know it. It’s enough sewage to cover a state the size of Pennsylvania ankle deep. A shocking story in USA Today exposed America’s Dirty little secret, among the findings:
  • Since 2003, hundreds of municipal sewer authorities have been fined for violations, including spills that make people sick, threaten local drinking water and kill aquatic animals and plants.
  • The analysis found that at least one-third of the nation’s large, publicly owned sewage treatment systems were the subject of formal enforcement actions by the EPA or state regulators for sewage spills or other violations.
  • The nation’s municipal sewer authorities’ capital needs to meet clean water requirements from 2000 to 2019 ranged from $331 billion to $450 billion. Based on that data, the National Association of Clean Water Agencies now puts that range at $350 billion to $500 billion for the next 20 years.
Here is a link to Local Drinking Water Information from the Envronmental Protection Agency.
http://www.americanrivers.org/ is a very informative website with current information about sewage spills that threaten our drinking water.

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