Pharmaceuticals In Your Tap Distillation Will Trap!

Yes, we have seen the headlines regarding the presence of pharmaceuticals in most tap water today. This is not news here or to almost anyone associated with the purification of water for consumptive use.

Most of today’s pharmaceuticals (drugs) are synthetic organic chemicals. (Carbon based). Fortunately, most of them have melting points and boiling points considerably above the boiling point of water.

This is one of the main physical properties of chemicals (organic or inorganic) that determines their distillation characteristics. This type of information is most readily found in the Merck Index which can be viewed in most pharmacies or public libraries.

If the boiling point (or melting point) of the chemical in question is considerably above the boiling point of water (100 degrees Celsius), it will be left behind as a component of the residue water. If the boiling point of the chemical in question is considerably below the boiling point of water, it will boil off before any considerable amount of steam is generated and escape through the volatile gas vents or be trapped in the activated carbon post filter. So no matter what pharmaceutical chemicals are found in your water, our distillers will treat it effectively; virtually eliminating any contaminant threat to your body.

Some of the organic chemicals in question would actually decompose into smaller less harmful chemicals that are easily removed by distillation and carbon filtration. In order to determine which category any of these chemicals fall into, one must know the boiling and/or melting points.

We have conducted hundreds of laboratory tests in the past on a wide variety of organic chemicals. The results have shown astounding removal of these chemicals by distillation, especially when coupled with activated carbon post-filtration. (In most cases at or near 100%) Unfortunately, we do not have any solid test data on pharmaceuticals at this time but based on the known physical characteristics of other organic chemicals, we would be on safe ground predicting a very high percentage of removal for virtually all of them. Distillation is in fact the process of choice in the manufacture and purification of most organic chemicals themselves!

We do have hundreds of doctors that have checked it out and believe in distillation strongly enough to be selling our products!

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