Distilled Water

What type of water is the best?

We are frequently asked this question, and we know it can be confusing. Well, let us take you through the options one step at a time and you may then decide for yourself what type of water you feel is the best for you. There are many sources of information (some would say too many) to get your information from and each one may give you a different perspective, a different set of claims for a product. We have been inundated with correspondence and enquiries about which type of water is or should be the preferred water to drink, and why one might be better than another might. Let us look at some of the claims made for these treated water supplies and more importantly how water affects your body.

Facts about Distilled Water

Distilled Water:

  • Is water that has been turned into steam; its impurities are left behind. Then the water is condensed and precipitates into a separate container as pure distilled water with virtually all the contaminants removed.
  • Higher purity than water treated by a carbon filter or reverse osmosis
  • Tastes good and is a great for rehydration.
  • Leaves no residues in the body.
  • Is great for the healthy functioning of the body.
  • It is a universally accepted standard for biomedical applications.
  • A better, safe alternative for pets, houseplants, ice cubes, cooking, fruit juices, coffee and tea.


Hydrogen and oxygen together form the water molecule. Any other form of liquid with additional components are broken down and cleared away by the liver.Water containing nothing but hydrogen and oxygen is pure and this is the only kind of water which the blood and the lymph use in their work. Both the blood and the lymph require pure water to assist them in their functions.

Pharmaceuticals In Your Tap Distillation Will Trap!

Yes, we have seen the headlines regarding the presence of pharmaceuticals in most tap water today. This is not news here or to almost anyone associated with the purification of water for consumptive use.

Most of today’s pharmaceuticals (drugs) are synthetic organic chemicals. (Carbon based). Fortunately, most of them have melting points and boiling points considerably above the boiling point of water.