America’s Most Endangered Rivers® 2013

1. Colorado River
Outdated water management is threatening recreation, water supply, and wildlife habitat.
2. Flint River
Water supply for communities, farms, recreation, and wildlife are threatened by outdated water management.
3. San Saba River
The river’s flow for ranchers, citizens, and lakes might disappear from outdated water management.
4. Little Plover River
Outdated water management is putting fish habitat and water supply at risk.
5. Catawba River
Coal ash pollution is threatening drinking water and recreation.
6. Boundary Waters
Copper and nickel mining at putting recreation, drinking water, and wilderness at risk.
7. Black Warrior River
Coal mining will put drinking water quality and fish and wildlife habitat at risk.
8. Rough & Ready and Baldface Creeks
Nickel mining endangering pristine rivers, wilderness, botanical diversity and recreation.
9. Kootenai River
Open-pit coal mining is endangering water quality and survival of rare fish and wildlife.
10. Niobrara River
Improper sediment management is putting property, crops, and public safety at risk of flooding.
Special Mention: Merced River
Intentional flooding of this Wild & Scenic River would harm wildlife habitat and recreation.

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